Vi befinner oss just nu i Tyskland 80 mil från tävlingsplatsen och har precis läst dett meddelande.
Dear athletes and partners of the event ”Triple deca Iron” ,
the first sentence with which I want to start this press quite unpleasant for me is: ” do not worry , the race will be .”
Unfortunately, however, will not be in the original , that of Heaven park hotel in Peschiera del Garda .
And ’ success and that is what we feared that a structure of a certain level of quality as that of the Park Hote…l is sick of my own, but most of your behavior .
That’s right, your own behavior.
Few, very few of you have been cooperative with Vincenzo Catalano and have sent all the necessary documents on time : booking rooms , arrival and departure dates , payments, prepayments , certificates .
Even today, despite the site there are written ALL , and I repeat , ALL relevant information ; many of you continue to write unnecessary requests , rooms variations , additions or deleting of people.
Many, many have not yet announced the dates of arrival at the airport , the arrival with their own means and how many will be the days of stay.
And again, many, many have not yet managed to send me a registration form because they can not turn a Word file into a pdf one.
I have often repeated to everyone with email or private messages that the structure of the Golf Club of Peschiera is not the school in Lensahn or camping in Neulenghbach where you can find a first-come a bed.
At the end , a few days ago, Park Hotel Paradiso no longer wanted to work with us.
And in this , as I also part of a hotel , I have to recognize.
Surely in this situation myself, Vincenzo Catalano, I got the blame because I should leave athletes the opportunity to book yourself at the Golf Club rooms and apartments and I would have had to devote to one organization of the race.
But , dear friends, only with the mediation of Vincenzo Catalano you got to sleep with 10 or 20 Euros per night in a place that normally costs 80 euro per person , per night.
For several days, therefore, the race was canceled at the Golf Club of Peschiera del Garda .
But since I have a moral obligation to those who have been with me correct (few , I repeat , a few ) I’m sleeping two hours every night to find a solution.
And I found it , for your luck , although you probably do not deserve so much .
The race will be at the Park The Stillness of Lonato (Brescia) , at this address ;
Park The Quiet, by Bettina Court – Lonato (Brescia) 25017
Please find attached map .
Given my utmost honesty I’ve done it myself for you to find accommodation in B & B or on a farm, at the same prices that I promised you .
Surely you will adapt to many situations but right now for me is the lesser evil.
Now I have to think in three days to organize a race that was pretty much already in place and certainly not my fault.
Surely this will be the last time I am arranging races trying to give the best to people who do not deserve it .
I would like to point out right now that anyone who wants to come to the race to complain about this situation may he/she could stay at home.
We’ll see you in a few days anyway .I am sorry anyway for this rude communication for that people that were correct and cooperative with us.


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